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Family Blog



FAMILY BLOG could be categorized as non-kitschy bleak chick lit with a humorous undertone.

It tells the story of a family (three sisters, mother and father) via blogs: each member is writing  without knowledge of all the others.







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The three sisters (all in their twenties) are the main characters, and much of the novel revolves around their blogs and different crises - concerning their aimless university degrees, disappointing love relationships, secret desires. The only thing these sisters share is an  eagerness to detach themselves from their typically psychotic family.

The parents are permanently involved in and yet unable to deal with their daughters’ difficulties and conflicts, and find consolation in writing evasive blogs.


When the youngest sister gets involved in an international network of illicit activities and criminal gangs, she indirectly drags the whole family along and creates a turmoil – revealing a series of pressing problems and quarrels between its members.


The novel is a satire of family relationships and the difficulties of coming of age in the 21st century. By continually reflecting, complaining and speculating about each other's actions and thoughts, the family members provide the reader with a web of humorous contradictions, half-truths and outright lies, which he/she is invited to untangle.


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