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Dangling Woman



    Clary Antome's latest novel, Dangling Woman, is an apocalyptic tragicomedy set in the Italian provinces.


    Rita has spent three years in Canada trying to become a brilliant intellectual, but instead she ended up with an incoherent, unfinished doctoral thesis and uncontrollable bouts of depression and sleeplessness. Sick of her gloomy thoughts, she decides to return for the summer to Cavonno, her small hometown in the Italian provinces where she had a carefree youth surrounded by family and friends – and time seemed to stand still.

    It doesn’t take long for Rita to start having regrets. All the things she disliked about Cavonno have come back to haunt her: the useless discussions with her parents about her future; the nagging habits and petty jealousy of her younger brother; the endless fights with her ex-boyfriend Sergio; the confusing courting procedures with her attractive but hesitant neighbour Dario; the heroin addiction of her best friends Raffi and Peppe; the continual gossip and superficial conversations with the same people in the same cafés, day after day.

    And all the things she loved are on the verge of disappearing: the river just outside town has dried out after the construction of a dam; the alternative land commune in a neighbouring village has been reduced to a freak spectacle of dubious quality; the sense of security and rural isolation is threatened when a terrorist attack hits Rome and reverberates through the whole country.


    Torn between memories of her lost youth and an absolute dread of the future, Rita struggles to find out if there is such a thing as a cosy place for her in this world.




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