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    Will Bea ever find true love amongst the scientific community and recover her enthusiasm for research as well as her spiritual “primal energies”?

    Will Lou manage to spend yet another academic year locked up in her bedroom with a pet spider – all the while bragging to her family about the progress in her thesis and her dashing new boyfriend from London?

    Will Jo be able to use her charms and expertise in illicit business administration to become a successful professional in the European underworld?

    Would Alda ultimately prefer to return to the middle of bloody battles in her homeland Angola, instead of continuing a dissatisfactory life with three dependent adult daughters, an alienated husband, an irritating mother, a bad-tempered brother and dozens of bouncing cats?

    And what exactly have the Smolensk Red Army officers taught Martin about recreational explosions?

    These and many other questions will be answered in FAMILY BLOG.



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