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      LITERATURE FOR ALIENS is Clary Antome's quixotic attempt of bringing reality back to fiction.

      It is dedicated to readers who are looking for thoughtful entertainment and resort to literature in the (somewhat naive) hope of understanding something about the real world around them. For better or for worse, this excludes all the cheap thrills and far-fetched plots, pointless dialogues and gratuitous sex and violence.


      In Clary Antome's cut-the-crap fiction, you will find only commonly exasperating events and thoughts, shared by a bunch of confused, contradictory, sometimes hypocritical, often clumsy, and more or less well intentioned human beings.

      To best enjoy this spooky tour through everyday reality, put yourself in the position of an Alien, sent over to Planet Earth to study the intricacies of human behaviour: What are these yapping, hectic great apes on about? How do they reflect their own flabbergasting experiences?


      Clary Antome's novels are a humble contribution to such intergalactic projects.

    If you happen to be (or feel like) an Alien visitor

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